All Continuing Education classes are once again being held in person. No pre-registration is necessary. Attend the class, be sure to sign in with your instructor, then buy your certificate online. No certificates will be available at the course itself.

After you have attended our in person course you have the option to purchase a Certificate of Completion. Certificates are $50 per 3 credit hours. Verification that you attended the course, in its entirety, is required before a Certificate can be released.

All Continuing Ed course are offered in pairs. Attendance for both sessions is required. Each course is 3 hours with a 1 hour lunch break between.


Continuing Education Courses


NYS Home Inspector Continuing Education

CATS Home inspection school offers industry leading continuing education. All of our courses are taught by industry experts with combined decades of experience. CATS continuing ed covers a variety of topics so you can choose which ones work best for your business.

All of CATS continuing education courses are approved by New York State. We keep the classes informative, efficient, and effective. The classes are held on Wednesday evenings to make it easier to work around your busy schedule. The modules are taught in three hour increments. Courses themselves are free. Only pay for the Certificate of Completions you want. Certificates are $50 per 3 credit hours.

Home Inspectors in New York State must complete 24 hours of continuing education every 24 months. For further information on New York’s rules and regulations for Home Inspectors visit their website. The division of licensing services can be reached via email at or phone 518-474-4429.